In our “little kickers” and “big kickers” program, we teach our students to be responsible with their knowledge of karate and self-defense, demonstrating their skills only for immediate family members. We teach peaceful conflict resolution techniques and anger management skills. We also teach our children to recognize and avoid danger. Most importantly, we offer children an opportunity to build self confidence and self esteem. We teach them to defend themselves from negative peer pressure and to avoid participating in unhealthy activities. We also offer goal setting techniques, leadership skills and rewards for academic excellence in the form of uniform patches for academic achievement. Our program complements and reinforces the healthy lifestyle choices and values our parents nurture in their children.


Our "little kickers" classes are for boys and girls from three and one half to seven and one half years old. We believe that children are able to learn more complex things at an early age and that the earlier a child learns a difficult task, the sooner that child can master an even more difficult task. Our program teaches young people to develop their attention span, bi-lateral motor skills, physical strength, muscle tone and aerobic endurance. We are concentrating on and teaching children to recognize and avoid danger.

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We teach our "big kickers" self defense based American Tae Kwon Do with emphasis on safety. This program includes kicking, punching, blocking, judo, aikido, basic jujitsu, and closely supervised light free sparring and situational self defense training. Again, this program includes discussions on peaceful conflict resolution, anger management, and healthy lifestyles including anti-drug and alcohol training.

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Houston Karate Academy offers personable and safe karate for children, adults, and entire families. Our adult program includes the style of karate known as American “Tae Kwon Do”. This program includes kicking, punching, blocking, judo, aikido, basic grappling, katas (pre-arranged patterns of kicks and punches), supervised light free sparring, and situational self defense training.

Houston Karate Academy trains entire families. Our class schedules make it easy for our families with adult classes immediately following our junior programs.

Should an adult student wish to learn skills in martial arts weapons, Houston Karate Academy offers the opportunity to learn Nunchaku, Kamas, Swords, Sai’s, and the Staff and Bo.


Houston Karate Academy does not require students to participate in martial arts competition to promote through the ranking system. However, should a student with to participate in amateur karate competition, our chief instructor will prepare the student for the tournament and attend and participate in the competition as well.


Each student is required to read and sign a list of safety rules. The Houston Karate Academy assumes a very serious commitment to the safety of our students and we will continually remind each student that safety is vitally important to us. We request that you purchase and wear full martial arts safety equipment, and we offer that equipment to you at a very reasonable cost.


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